Want one?

For me this is a hobby and I make them with loving care, no exceptions. I don’t have any set delivery times as it depends on how much spare time I have.  One Stumpe equals four-five hours of work and the price is 300 SKR (about €30) + shipping. The easiest way to pay is by PayPal or bank transaction if you live in Sweden.

On top of this page you can change between the pictures and see the different body fabrics and pencils colors for details such as eyes. The tail is usually made to match the eye or body color, just ask if you want something specific. If you don’t have any special wishes, I’ll just make a cute Stumpe randomly.

Usually the Stumpes have their name on the tummy. Commonly it’s a describing word followed by -Stumpe, for example Cuddle-Stumpe. The choice is up to you as a customer though if you want something completely else like name, or maybe leave it blank.